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Necklace, Knotted Cord & Tiger Skin Jasper Stone

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Image of Necklace, Knotted Cord & Tiger Skin Jasper Stone

This casual necklace is made with chocolate colored faux silk cord, metallic glass seed beads and rectangular, matte finished Tiger Skin Jasper stones. The custom-made hammered clasp is fashioned from gold Craft Wire. The stones are 20mm by 13mm, and the total length of the necklace is 33 inches. I'm generally drawn to brightly colored, shiny beads & stones, but seeing these Tiger Skin Jasper stones triggered a very pleasant memory, so I had to have them. Many years ago I went to a "wild animal" petting zoo and actually held a Tiger cub in my lap. These stones are aptly named because Tiger skin/fur is neither smooth nor "shiny" like that of domesticated cats. And, just like a Tiger cub, these golden-brown stones exude an unmistakable warmth. However, unlike a Tiger cub, with this necklace you don't have to worry about teeth and claws!